The premium samovar - SAMORAI by SAWOA - is available in different versions and with its double-walled structure made of high-quality stainless steel housing, it is extremely energy-efficient.
Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the SAMORAI is easy to clean and very easy to use and operate with.
The robust construction is ideal for continuous operation in hotels or gastronomy.

Elektrischer Samowar von SAWOA Samorai 1 schwarz

Electric samovar

Our samovars work purely electrically with 220 volts. A samovar with electrical functions makes it easier for you to prepare tea every day and gives you the security you need. The SAMORAI meet all European standards and are suitable for private and commercial use.

SAMORAI is available online in our shop. We make your decision easier for you through our online shop for a SAMORAI from SAWOA.

Elektrischer Samowar von SAWOA Samorai 1 schwarz

Russian Tea Machine

A samovar is actually a traditional Russian tea-making machine. The samovar or the Russian tea machine in different sizes and shapes has been used in Russia for many decades. A Russian tea machine can be found in almost every household.

Great Attention to detail

With an appealing design and the highest quality for tea preparation machines and samovars, we are the contact for the hotel and catering industry. Our samovar offers all safety functions and is equipped for continuous operation. A samovar from SAWOA combines historical tradition with modern technology.

We offer you an all-round service

As trained tea sommelier and electricians, we are happy to advise you competently and extensively in order to find the right SAMORAI for your needs.
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